But …

It seems that Song Anqiao not only loves but also has it. Now that she is so happy, he should give it up.
Knowing that she had a car accident, he went to see it, but he saw that her clothes were puzzled and her eyes were full of grief. Chu Fei was far away and he left again.
It turns out that someone really loves her.
At the same time, Chu Fei-yuan of Luhai Villa on the other side of Linan got the information.
Zhuo Wen whispered in front of him, "Tang Heng has been recuperating in a nursing home since she lost her child, and Shen Sike visits her every day."
ChuFei far turned over the documents with photos of nursing homes in them, sitting in a wheelchair with a patient’s face dull and stupid.
"On the day of the accident, Tang Heng took a lunch break in the hospital, and Shen Sike stayed with her in the hospital all day." Zhuo Wen gently explained that "the nursing home video can be kept for three months, and we can’t check the monitoring on that day. We can find out from the nurse’s weekly diary that the nurse on duty is indeed in the hospital."
Chu Fei-yuan’s facial expression is slightly condensed, and the documents in his hand have been turned to the last one. This photo is Shen Sike pushing Tang Heng for a walk on the lawn. It looks like a couple and a familiar face Lin Yan is behind them.
Slender fingers point to some photos. "Why is she here?"
Zhuo Wen opened his eyes and explained, "Oh, she is a good friend of Mrs. Shen Sike. She seems to be pursuing him after Shen Sike every day for more than a year."
Chu Fei raised his eyebrows slightly and chuckled "a little interesting"
Active pursuit of this is different from Song Anqiao, who is passive, and she will not give her heart easily if it is not established by the other party.
I’m glad I woke up and took the initiative to pursue her, otherwise there would be no happiness now.
Zhuo Wen is at a loss
"Chu always sees that Shen Sike and Tang Heng have nothing to doubt from the results," Zhuo Wen continued. "Besides, Tang Heng’s nerves are out of order, and now she can’t take care of herself. If Shen Sike didn’t take care of her, I’m afraid she wouldn’t live very well."
ChuFei far lip-synching silence.
If it weren’t for them, then there is a possibility that another kidnapper has not been found today.
But …
What is it? What would have asked him to leave Song Anjiao?
If this requirement were changed to Song Zhuowei, he would believe that it would be a Song Anqiao.
Perhaps, as the Wang team said, because Song Zhuowei was arrested, he felt uneasy, and people were forced to do it even by dogs.
Lin Yan came to Luhai Villa at noon the next day.
Song anqiao looked at her and she rubbed her head as if she had a headache.
"Headache?" Song Anqiao frowned softly. "Did you catch a cold?"
Lin Yan shook his head. "No, I drank a little wine last night."
Song anqiao knows clearly
After rubbing for a while, Lin Yan pleaded, "Anqiao, please go shopping with me. I want to do some shopping."
Song Anqiao listened to the side eyes and looked at the little rice cake playing. "What are you going to buy?"
"It’s not the Spring Festival soon. I want to buy some gifts for my family," Lin Yan explained.
Song Anqiao thought for a moment, "All right, I’ll go with you."
ChuFei far eyes a deep picked up his daughter "I go with you"
"Ah?" Song Anqiao face collapsed to "what are you going to do? When we were girls, you couldn’t follow a man well. "
Chu Fei can’t say why. "There are two choices: either I go with you or you are not allowed to go anywhere at home."
Song anqiao duzui
It’s really unreasonable to bully.
In the commercial square, Song Anqiao pushes the stroller and Lin Yan in front, while the father of the child walks behind with the child in his arms.
Lin Yan sticks his head to Song Anqiao’s novel "He sticks to you so much that he never leaves his feet. Look at his eyes staring at you and not even looking at the road."
Song anqiao startled turned to look behind him.
Four eyes relative indeed as expected, as Lin Yan said, he looked at her without looking at the road.
Song Anqiao’s expression is slightly condensed. "Don’t drop the child if you fall down."
Chufei drew a cigarette out of the corner of his eye. What do you mean, he fell? Is he okay?
Yijia man specialty store
Lin Yan carefully selected men’s shirts and Song Anqiao stared at her for a long time. "Did you pull me out to buy a gift for Shen Sike?"
Lin Yan zheng shan shan smiled "yeah, I don’t say that, I’m afraid you won’t come out."
Song anqiao language
"An Qiao, please help me to refer to which one to choose." Two shirts are hard to decide.
"This one" Song Anqiao said, pointing to Lin Yan’s left hand.
Lin Yan’s eyes are delighted. "I also think this one is the best."
Song anqiao smiled and looked at Chu Feiyuan’s small rice cake. He was interested in models and his father held her to study models.
"An Qiao, can you ask your family to help me try it?" Lin Yan said imploringly with his hands folded.
Song Anqiao raised eyebrows stepped aside and picked out two shirts. He took Lin Yan’s hand and said seriously, "Chu Fei looks good in anything, even if it can’t help you try it out."
"…" Lin Yan black line.
Chufei went far away to try on shirts and rice cakes, and played in the stroller. Song Anqiao chose those two, which she wanted to buy for Chufei, and she wanted to match a tie.
I chose a tie before I knew it, so I was so fascinated that she forgot to push the stroller and chose it.
When I was fascinated, I suddenly felt a black shadow out of the corner of my eye. When I was stunned, the black shadow had picked up the little rice cake in the stroller and ran out quickly.
The shopkeepers froze for a moment. They are customers.
"Little rice cake!"
The shrill Song Anqiao chased him out immediately without thinking and with a tie in his hand.
Lin Yan froze.
The fitting ChuFei far put on a good shirt and heard his face suddenly sink and quickly closed the door.

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